6,3 kN Shaker
mounting drawing


Our TIRA shaker reproduces ambient conditions to investigate dynamic endurance and reliability in all fields of vibration testing. The shaker has been designed for long-time operation and is distinguished by high transverse vibration resistance and high axial stiffness.

The electrodynamic shaker is supported on a rugged revolving frame and ensures excitation in vertical and horizontal direction. The nominal vibration travel is automatically achieved by pneumatic and automatic load compensation even in case of heavy test loads.

AVIONIK STRAUBING provides a full service package, from planning, testing, manufacturing of the fixture through to the creation of test reports.


rated peak force (sine / random / shock): 6300 / 6300 / 12600 N
frequency range: DC - 3000 Hz
max. travel: 50,8 mm
max. velocity (sine / random / shock): 1,7 / 1,7 / 2,5 m/s
max. acceleration (sine / random / shock):  740 / 740 / 1480 m/s2
current: 90 A
axial suspension stiffness: 50 N/mm
effective moving mass: 8,5 kg
max useful load: 150 kg
main resonance frequency: >2500 Hz