Software Review as a Service

Avionik Straubing provides an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) based code review service, which focuses on reviewing the customers source code regarding style violations and potential programming flaws. This service can support customers, who needs an external reviewer for certification of safety critical applications.

The customer receives an expert opinion about quality, stability and coding standard conformity (e.g. DO-178C, MISRA) about the reviewed source code.

The review is mainly performed in two steps:

1.       Initial Review

The customer delivers the source code at the beginning of the review and describes the features of the source code. This is needed to get a basic understanding of the functionality and of design decisions. Based on this information, the general design can be analyzed and potential issues can be identified.

2.       Detailed Review

This analysis focuses on specific implementation details and attempts to spot issues within the implementation.

After the analysis is finished, a report is provided to the customer, listing all findings and recommendations, found during the reviews.