Cable harness assembly

We produce cable harnesses customized for your demand!

Using a state-of-art SPECTRUM laser cable labeling system we additionally offer UV cable labeling for highest quality applications.


  • Wire supplied by customer or by AVSR (MIL-22159, MIL-27500;Raychem Spec44 or 55)
  • Assembly of complete wire cable-connector harnesses
  • Issue of test documentation together with C of C
  • Wire size range: 0.75mm to 6.35mm (26 AWG bis 6 AWG)
  • Single core wire or multi core cable
  • Min. cable length: 150mm
  • Individual wire end marking
  • Up to 100 characters per identification mark
  • Full alpha-numeric charactere set
  • Four print sizes as standard:
  •   + small vertical:           1.00mm x 0.75mm
  •   + medium horizontal: 1.10mm x 0.83mm
  •   + medium vertical:      1.20mm x 0.90mm
  •   + large horizontal:       1.30mm x 1.20mm